Chilean Corn Pie
Chilean Corn Pie

The Chilean corn pie has been recognized as the best casserole in the world by the specialized gastronomy website Taste Atlas, securing the top spot on its list of the 50 most outstanding dishes globally.

According to this ranking, the traditional Chilean preparation has surpassed other internationally renowned recipes, such as Italian Parmesan lasagna, British Shepherd’s Pie, and Peruvian covered rice.

But that’s not all, as another famous Chilean dish, the crab pie, also holds the 12th position in the classification.

Taste Atlas describes the corn pie as “Chile’s favorite homemade food.” It is a casserole-type dish that is soft and creamy, also having popular versions in Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia.

The corn pie is made with ground beef, chicken pieces, black olives, onions, hard-boiled eggs, and a ground corn dough.

On the other hand, the crab pie is described as “a Chilean crab stew originating from the Central Zone and found in most restaurants in the country.”

The crab pie is prepared with crab or crab meat, crustless bread, garlic, onions, milk, chili, white wine, butter, fish broth, cream, and spices such as cumin, oregano, and paprika.

It’s worth noting that Taste Atlas has also recognized Chilean pisco as one of the highest-rated spirits in the world and recently chose the Italian sub as the third-best hot dog globally.

Moreover, in another ranking of the world’s best cuisines, Chile secured the 30th position, being one of the best-placed Latin American countries, even surpassing Peru and Argentina.

Chilean gastronomy continues to receive international acclaim, and these featured dishes showcase the diversity and quality of the country’s cuisine.

To conclude, we share the following links to our traditional recipes for corn pie and crab pie so you can prepare them at home.

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