Chilean Chancho en Piedra
Chilean Chancho en Piedra

The renowned gastronomic guide TasteAtlas has once again recognized Chancho en Piedra as the best sauce in the world, crowning it as the best sauce of 2023.

This culinary ranking was based on votes from diners around the world who shared their preferences and experiences regarding these sauces.

In its latest classification of the most appreciated sauces worldwide, Chancho en Piedra has taken the top spot, surpassing other popular Mexican and Peruvian preparations.

Additionally, another Chilean dish has been mentioned among the top ten, Chilean pebre, which ranked eighth.

Taste Atlas describes Chancho en Piedra as follows:

Chancho en Piedra is a Chilean sauce that is essentially a variation of pebre sauce with a more sauce-like consistency. In addition to tomatoes, it contains garlic, chili, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley or cilantro. It is recommended to serve it with bread, sopaipillas, or empanadas. The name Chancho en Piedra takes its name in reference to the preparation of this sauce in a stone mortar.

Indeed, the use of a volcanic stone mortar was introduced once this crushed tomato and chili mixture made its way to the kitchens, where the name “chancho en piedra” was established as a phonetic derivation of “chanco en piedra.”


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To conclude, the TasteAtlas guide even recommends a specific place to try this traditional sauce, the renowned Las Viejas Cochinas restaurant in Talca.

If you wish to prepare it at home, check out our traditional Chancho en Piedra recipe at the following link.

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