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Chilean Terremoto Cokctail
Chilean Terremoto Cokctail

The Chilean terremoto is a typical cocktail from the central region of the country, very popular in September during the celebration of Fiestas Patrias, although it can be enjoyed throughout the year, in its versions with and without alcohol.

How to make a Chilean Terremoto?

In any of its versions, the terremoto is a Chilean drink based on pipeño wine combined with pineapple ice cream as the main protagonist, but it must be consumed with caution to “not let oneself be carried away by the sweetness”.

Nutritional Information

Category: Cocktails
Cuisine: Chilean
Calories: 450
Preparation: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 people

Traditional Chilean Terremoto Recipe


  • 600 ml of white pipeño wine
  • Pineapple ice cream
  • Fernet (Bar La Piojera)
  • Grenadine (Bar El Hoyo)
  • Rum (Bar Las Tejas)
  • Cognac (Bar Las Puntas)


  1. In two large glasses, pour the pipeño wine until it reaches about ¾ of the interior height and add in each one three to five tablespoons of pineapple ice cream until filled.
  2. Finish with a touch of Fernet, Grenadine, Rum, or Cognac to taste and gently stir with a long spoon.
  3. Serve the Chilean terremoto immediately, usually accompanied by a straw for slowly consuming.

“Replicas” of the Chilean terremoto

Replicas are aftershocks that occur after an earthquake as a result of adjustments in the earth’s crust around the epicenter, so within Chilean mixology, a “replica” is a version of the terremoto served in smaller glasses after the initial “earthquake”.

Recipe for Chilean maremoto or tsunami

A maremoto or tsunami is a progression of large oceanic waves that rush onto the coast as a result of earthquakes occurring near or under the seabed, so there is also a version of the cocktail for them, which incorporates a dash of mint liqueur to the pipeño and pineapple ice cream, giving it a characteristic green appearance.

Glass and pitcher for terremoto

Traditionally in bars and taverns, the terremoto is served in a large, angled glass called a “potrillo”, the same one usually used for mote con huesillos, while the pitcher used to serve it is called a “cataclysm”.

History and origins of the terremoto cocktail

It is said that the origin of the terremoto is a cocktail that originated in the El Hoyo bar in Estación Central after the 1985 earthquake, as a variation of Roman punch.

It was at that time that some German journalists reporting on the catastrophe were received in the establishment with this particular punch, which after a few sips made them lose their balance and which they baptized as terremoto, because it produced the same sensation as when the earth trembled.

Other places in Santiago have also claimed the invention of this traditional cocktail, such as La Piojera and Las Tejas bars, each distinguished by the liquor accompanying the preparation.

Did you know?

The original pipeño is a wine made from muscatel grapes, which grow from the VI region of Chile southward, and which takes its name from the fermentation and storage process, which is carried out in “pipas” or barrels made of Chilean oak, recognized as a wine with Denomination of Origin in 2023.


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